Automobile Elevators

EASA is a manufacturer of the most sophisticated
Automobile Elevators in INDIA.

EASA manufacturers one of the most sophisticated automobile elevators in India.

Heavy-duty automobile elevators are big, tough, smooth, rugged, robust, and sturdy!

Most importantly, safe for the drivers!

The NEW SPACE Platform Design (3D truss) is a rigid, lightweight, truss-like structure and
interlocking struts in a geometric pattern are being used in the cabin base.

EASA Automobile Elevators are designed on German software and manufactured in its own
plant in India. At EASA, we ensure to custom-design the elevator as per your requirements.
Whether size capacity, speed, and orientation– we cater to all. Robust technology, highly
developed modules, quality materials, and practical protection features make the elevator a
durable, and high-value asset.

Whether in industrial buildings, automobile showrooms, parking towers, warehouses,
shopping centers, or buildings for parking on terraces, EASA high-speed automobile elevators
make transportation of heavy automobiles, such as security cars, seamless & move these
heavy loads with great ease for years of service.