Company Profile

EASA stands for ‘Elevator Applications with a Safety Assurance’.
EASA has been established as a leading company in the Design, Manufacturing Installation, and Modernisation of all types of Passenger Elevators, Panoramic Elevators, Freight Elevators, Automobile Elevators, and Dumb Waiters. The company also specialises in the installation of elevators in steel structures.
Inspired by the vision that EASA can provide a solution to install an elevator in every building, and in any available space. EASA ensures that every building deserves an elevator that will complement the precise usage, and blend well with the choice of the interiors.

Customers who choose EASA, benefit from its first-class products, extensive solutions for all applications, and reliable services. The company invests and specialises in the latest technology engineering, as well as mechanical and microprocessor technologies, and products designed and rigorously tested for safety, comfort, efficiency, and reliability.
EASA products can be found in well-known homes, resorts, office buildings, hospitals, high-end factories, retail establishments, and historical buildings


EASA was founded in 1996 in Delhi and has grown to become a leading elevator provider with the largest installations of Special Purpose Passenger Elevators, Freight Automobiles & Dumb Waiters in India today. EASA has a modern production facility in Khushkhera Rajasthan, India, and has offices in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mohali (Punjab), Haridwar & Ahmedabad. This is the only company in the world to have a state-of-art ‘Experience Centers’. Where you can touch, feel, see, and ride the elevators you’re going to buy for your
building. EASA is headed by a team of young and enthusiastic engineers and designers

The EASA Million Mission

Over Half a Million People travel on EASA Passenger Elevators &
Over Half a Million tons of Cargo are moved on EASA Freight Elevators
By 2025
Our mission is to ‘Move Two Million People & One Million Tons of Cargo’
daily on EASA Elevators
Making the world flow effortlessly