Every building is unique! Did you know that any elevator installed in any building has to complement the usage for capacity, speed, size, type of doors, orientation, security, evacuation, the place of installation (Indoors or Outdoors), and even atmospheric quality has to be considered?

EASA is a complete source for vertical transportation solutions, in accordance with Indian Standards (BIS specifications) in force with international technology. The product portfolio includes elevators for low to midrise buildings and high-rise buildings with both options of Geared (MR) & Gearless Machines (MR and MRL). EASA has its own design & manufacturing facility, and independent logistic facility at Khushkhera, Rajasthan.

Special Purpose Elevators

They are specially designed with low pits and low overhead, and have lower lifting speed in comparison to standard lifts. EASA Special lifts are wheelchair user-friendly too. The Special Purpose Elevators - one of the many Firsts EASA is proud about!