The amalgamation of foresightedness, a great vision, and unwavering determination has made EASA accomplish many ‘Firsts’ over the past 3 decades.
We take pride in the fact that EASA was the first to launch,

  • Special Purpose Elevators
  • Elevator Showrooms
  • To install an Elevator in the Smallest of Spaces
  • To use DigiPara German software to design elevator layouts
  • To Design, Engineer and Install a Standard 6-Passenger Elevator with a
  • conventional traction drive having wire ropes.

At EASA, we are ensuring to redefine vertical mobility with smart solutions in its truest sense.

First-of-its-kind Elevators to open Elevator Showrooms:
It is the experience that always matters. Without experiencing a product, and getting a feel of it no buying decision can be made. Why the experience should be limited to food or other FMCG products? Why not even for an elevator? This thought stirred in the mind of the founder of the company and the idea of ‘Elevator showrooms’ took birth.

Smallest Spaces & Largest Elevators & Lifestyle elevators:
We offer unique and convenient solutions for every space. Our Custom-made elevator concepts adapt to the architectural style and requirements of any building. For smallest spaces, for largest elevators, or for installing lifestyle elevators, our designs allow it to fit in any corner of your home or building without occupying much space. Ensuring that it adds to
the whole décor.
We invite you to discover our high-quality home elevator solutions for all applications.

The first company to use German software for designing the technical layouts for Elevators since 2007:
A blueprint is the first step to creating beautiful wonders. The same goes for an elevator.
EASA was the first company to use DigiPara – German software in India for designing the technical layouts for its elevators.

First Company to achieve a Traction Driven 1 mtr x 1.1 mtr 6-Passenger elevator in 1.45 x 1.45 meter space:
Ingenious Engineering and Design has made this possible!
Since 2020, Easa is the only company that has very successfully launched a standard 6-passenger elevator 1.0m x 1.1 m car size with conventional traction drive in 1.45 x 1.45 m space!