EASA is a manufacturer of the most Beautiful & Sleek
Dumbwaiters. First in INDIA

EASA manufactures one of the most beautiful and sleek Dumb Waiters. A first-of-its-kind in India.
EASA Heavy-duty Dumb Waiters are sleek, tough, neat & hard-working machine room-less lifts!
The Dumb Waiter Machine is lubricated for lifelong use and fitted with brake motors having disc brakes.

Amazing Performance!!
EASA is one of the first companies in India to launch the Dumb Waiter in 1990 at the first KFC store in Bangalore. EASA Dumb Waiter is designed on German software and manufactured in its own plant in India. At EASA, we ensure to custom-design the elevator as per your requirements. From size, capacity, speed, to orientation, we cater to all. Robust technology, highly developed modules, quality materials, and practical protection features make the elevator a durable, and high-value asset.
EASA high-speed dumb waiters ferry food, jewelry, spare parts, books, heavy food trolleys, and pretty much anything up to a weight of 500 Kg. The larger capacity dumb Waiters are designed as ‘Goods Lifts’. Dumb Waiters are installed in homes, offices, industrial canteens,
warehouses, and shopping centers.